World Snooker Ltd

World Snooker Ltd is the commercial entity responsible for the commercial exploitation and promotion of professional snooker events and is the custodian of the sport’s commercial rights.

World Snooker Limited’s primary objective is to organise, promote or sanction all professional snooker events globally.

As the World Snooker employees frequently have to travel across the globe and fly to tournaments around the world it is vital they have full use of their mobiles wherever they may be.

World Snooker did not have the correct global data bundles in place for their employees, which led to unpredictable mobile phone charges.

This resulted in thousands of pounds being spent when users travelled abroad, which caused large bill shocks for the company when users were working away from the UK.

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“Working with Mark and his team has been a real pleasure. From initial consultancy right through to delivery has been a seamless operation.

We now have a global mobile phone package that is considerably easier to monitor and much more flexible to use – cost effective too.”

FCC ported the users from the incumbent network to FCC where we introduced new daily roaming tariffs across all users.

Now users can use their UK bundle abroad to prevent any more unpredictable bill shocks when they return from travelling abroad.

Rather than having individual data bundles which run the risk of being exhausted, FCC opted for a shared data allowance across all users. With our unbilled monitoring tools, we can see on a daily basis how much is being used along with any other potential call charges.

This means there are no hidden costs and eliminates the chance of any nasty surprises when the bill arrives.

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