World Snooker Ltd

World Snooker Ltd., the governing body for professional snooker, orchestrates tournaments worldwide. Their employees travel extensively, requiring reliable mobile connectivity.

The Challenge:

World Snooker lacked appropriate global data plans for their employees. This led to:

  • Unpredictable Charges: Unforeseen roaming fees caused significant bill shocks.
  • Inefficient Management: Individual data bundles were difficult to track and control.

The Solution:

FCC, a communications provider, partnered with World Snooker to:

  • Implement Global Roaming: Introduce new daily roaming tariffs, allowing employees to use their UK data bundles abroad.
  • Shared Data Allowance: Shift from individual plans to a shared pool, enabling better cost control.
  • Unbilled Monitoring: Offer real-time data usage insights to avoid hidden charges.

The Benefits:

  • Cost Savings: Predictable roaming fees eliminated bill shocks.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Shared data plans simplified management and reduced risk of data exhaustion.
  • Transparency: Real-time usage monitoring ensured clear cost visibility.

“Working with FCC has been seamless,” said a World Snooker representative. “Our new global mobile package is easier to monitor, flexible, and cost-effective.”


FCC’s solution provided World Snooker with reliable global connectivity, optimized costs, and improved management, allowing them to focus on promoting the sport they love.

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