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Our Story

First Class Comms Limited was established in March 2013 by its founder Mark Burland and after years of working in the Telecoms sector Mark took the plunge and set up as a mobile, telephony and broadband reseller.

Mark had always wanted to setup his own company but like most people with a young family there was never a good time to make the leap.

After several conversations with his good friend Rich Casey, they put a plan together where Rich was happy to invest in return for a small share of the business.

Finally it happened, the first customer was a locally owned family run business who had worked with Mark for over 10 years and placed their trust in him to supply and install a new 50 user Avaya IP phone system and the rest is history!

The name First Class Comms derives from those who want the very best of service hence ‘First Class’ for all their telecoms requirements.

By pure accident and after another website refresh, the incumbent design agency changed the logo to fit better on the page and the new trading name FCC was born!

In 2022 MAB Holdings Limited owned by Mark and his Wife Abbie acquired the shares from Rich Casey to have full control of the business for the first time.

FCC is a £1.7M company and growing and proud to employ a team of local and talented people where investing in personal development is key to their success.

The FCC team enjoy spending time together outside of work and the highlight has to be a works conference in Ibiza where breakfast was missed on more than one occasion!!

FCC is proud to be B Corp accredited and the first B2B UK Telecoms reseller in the UK to do so. We will continue to use our business as a force for good!

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