Bristol Airport

The UK’s fastest growing regional airport and North Somerset’s largest employer.

Bristol Airport history stretches back to 1930, when a group of pioneering businessmen and enthusiasts established Bristol’s first airport in Whitchurch.

Every year over 6 million passengers travel through their terminals. This is set to grow even further with planning permission in place for the development of facilities to handle 10 million passengers.

The airport employs hundreds of staff, spread over the large site across different buildings and key sites. Communication between staff across these different sites is an essential capability to ensure the smooth running of the Airport, and mobile phones are one of the important tools used. However, a combination of the topography of the site combined with the variety of building structures was leading to a number of poor signal areas, lessening their effectiveness.

The airport asked FCC to investigate whether we could find a solution to their site reception issues. Our initial focus was to determine what the reception was like right across the whole site. We did this by completing a site survey to distinguish the locations where signals were better for different networks. This type of survey is essential for sites as expansive and complex as Bristol Airport, and gave us the evidence we needed to develop a mobile plan that offered a solution to the reception issues they had endured.

With the test signal evidence across the airport giving us a clear map to feedback to the customer, we showed that by switching the airport to a combination of two network carriers they would receive significantly better coverage across the site than they had been used to. This mobile solution has improved reception considerably and has made the not spot issues an exception rather than the rule.

If you have coverage not spots in building or across your mobile users then please invite us in.