When choosing a new mobile provider, business owners often make several critical mistakes that can impact their operations and expenses. Here are our top 3:

When it comes to business telecoms it pays to go first-class

1. Neglecting Coverage and Network Quality:

    • Mistake: Focusing solely on cost savings without considering the quality of the network.
    • Impact: Poor network coverage can lead to dropped calls, slow data speeds, and unreliable service, which can disrupt communication and hinder productivity.
    • Solution: FCC can evaluate the provider’s network coverage and quality in the areas where your business operates. If required we can manage multiple network providers under one customer service team to make sure your users are on the best network for them.

2. Overlooking Tariff Flexibility and Scalability:

    • Mistake: Choosing a plan that doesn’t align with the company’s current and future needs.
    • Impact: As the business grows or changes, an inflexible plan can lead to unnecessary costs or limitations in service.
    • Solution: FCC will make sure the plan we choose can adapt to changing business requirements, such as adding more lines or increasing data limits without excessive fees.

3. Ignoring Customer Support and Service Level Agreements (SLAs):

    • Mistake: Not considering the quality and availability of customer support. Call centre and long winded IVR’s!
    • Impact: Poor customer support can lead to prolonged downtimes and unresolved issues, affecting business operations.
    • Solution: FCC is built on delivering a First Class customer support. We operate 24/7 support, offer a dedicated business line, and aim to fix your issue within 1 working hour.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Don’t be held back by poor coverage and slow data speeds. Embrace the future of communication with FCC a network agnostic service provider. Contact us today and discover how we can transform the way your business connects.