The First Class Comms corporate golf day was a way of thanking our clients. We asked each and everyone for a small donation to support Community of Purpose and in particular the Break Free programme.

FCC Golf DayOn the day we managed to collect £2k and we then doubled this to £4k.

In turn the total donation has helped feed 160 children across the autumn half term, along with 2022’s Christmas holidays.

Break Free is a holiday activity programme targeting holiday hunger by offering high-quality activities and free meals for kids aged 8-13 from areas of most need across South Bristol.

Break Free is a component of a Bristol-wide project called Feeding Bristol. It addresses what has become one of the biggest social issues in modern society in the UK – with many parents of children on free school meals struggling to feed them during the holiday period.

Community of Purpose works with a range of organisations to provide fun sports and educational activities for young people in the most deprived areas of Bristol. To help tackle the very real issue of holiday hunger, every child that attends the Break Free programme is provided with breakfast and lunch to guarantee they get at least two meals throughout the day.

The aim of the programme is to enable young people to break free from having nothing to do, break free from their device screens and their homes, and break free from hunger during the school holidays. This is done through sports, drama, music and arts, with staff from the local area that understand the issues.

Launched in 2019, Break Free is based on years of working in communities in South Bristol. The programme works with well-known partners in Bristol such as First Class Comms, Arthur David, Lancer Scott, Elmtree Garden Contractors, Unitary Engineering Services and Hobbs House Bakery also donate resources and food – helping to combat food poverty among children in Bristol.

Break Free is one of three key initiatives run by Community of Purpose – a CIC based in South Bristol that works to transform the lives and futures of young people across Bristol.

Children get free meals during term time, but in the holidays go hungry. Rather than looking forward to the school holidays, the holidays have become for many a stressful time, when families who already struggle find it even harder to provide for their children and young people.

Mark Burland, Managing Director of First Class Comms, commented: “We have been working on and off with Community of Purpose since they were founded and it’s really humbling to know that we can help 160 children from having holiday hunger across south Bristol by participating in the break free programme for this half term and at Christmas.”

For more information on how FCC could help you, then please contact Mark Burland: / 07500 788433