• Simple & easy integration with Microsoft Teams
  • Flexible inclusive minute options
  • Advanced features
  • Versatile pricing

What is FCC SIP for teams?

SIP for teams offers an enhanced calling alternative to Microsoft Calling Plans at a competitive price point.

Using FCC HV Cloud SIP Trunking, we can give you far more than any other Direct Routing provider in the marketplace.

Not only can we offer the service with our feature-rich FCC HV Cloud SIP Trunking but we also provide the service alongside our FCC SIP Trunking, giving you access to low cost SIP Trunking without minutes.

The Rise of Microsoft Teams

In November 2019, Microsoft announced that the amount of daily active users had doubled in less than 6 months, reaching 20 million, then as of March 2020 the amount users doubled again to 44 million and they are showing no signs of slowing down with the addition of Business Voice.

The new add-on can be offered to more Office 365 users licenses than ever before. Offering Phone System functionality and conferencing, and available with or without calling plans.

Key benefits of FCC SIP for teams

It’s simple, FCC provide a better calling service for our customers. We understand customers’ calling needs better than any IT provider. Not only can we provide the features the Teams application needs to make it a powerful collaboration and calling tool but we can provide MORE!

  • No need to pre-pay for calls
  • Call anywhere, anytime, with great VoIP calling rates
  • Flexible number presentation
  • Advanced call barring
  • Enhanced features: Call Logging, Fax to email and Call Recording
  • Fraud Prevention
  • All calls types are supported
  • Fantastic Pence per Minute rates to international destinations

Key Features

All products below require an Office 365 User License and Phone System add-on or Business Voice.

Feature Microsoft Calling Plans FCC HV Cloud SIP FCC SIP Trunking
Auto Attendants Yes Yes Via Teams
Call Queuing Yes Chargeable Via Teams
Call Logging Yes Yes Via Teams
Call Forward – Always Yes Yes Yes
Call Forward – Busy No Yes Yes
Call Barring No Yes Call Barring for FCC SIP Trunking 09 and International
Call Recording No PCI Compliant Pause and Resume – Chargeable Not PCI Compliant – No Pause and Resume – Chargeable
Enhanced Call Analytics No Chargeable No
Inclusive minutes (subject to fair use) Chargeable Yes Available**
Flexible Number Presentation Limited* Yes Via Teams
Fraud Prevention No Yes Yes
Fax to email No Chargeable Chargeable
International Numbering Chargeable No Chargeable***
Time and Holiday Schedules Yes Yes Yes
Web RTC –Click to Call No No Yes

*Limited to numbers on the service only.
**Available on FCC SIP Trunking with the bundled option SIP Trunk which is charged at a higher monthly rate than the pay as you go option.
***For inbound use only, this is not for international calling at local breakout rates.

Contact FCC on +44 (0) 1934 756 400 / Email sales@firstclasscomms.co.uk