Businesses and households are spending large amounts of money on landline phones every year, that ultimately go unused.

Recent statistics have shown that landline services are slowly dying in the UK due to cost and poor service.

The number of UK landlines fell 35% from 10 million in 2010 to 6.4 million in 2017 and businesses complain about the lack of coverage which is seen as a serious threat to business continuity.

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According to the majority of employers 89%, not having good coverage leads to damaging the reputation of a company and having unsatisfied customers. Moreover, poor coverage plus the waste of money invested into landline phones threat companies’ productivity and their ability to do business and make revenue.

FCC has the solution to your problem:

we offer a comprehensive Fixed Line and Telephony service covering the full range of voice services from ISDN and SIP Trunks through to delivering Fully Hosted VoIP Phone Systems and Avaya Cloud Services.

Businesses can now benefit from FCC HV Cloud, which is a fully-hosted and managed high-definition IP telephony service. Users just need a reliable, quality voice IP connection in order to connect this hosted telephony.

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