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Business Phone Systems

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Upgrade your phone system with our feature-rich, cloud-based hosted telephony solution. Enjoy advanced features and easy scalability to meet your business demands.

Broadband and Connectivity

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From FTTP (Fiber To The Premises) to Leased Lines, we offer a range of connectivity options to ensure your business has the bandwidth and reliability it needs to thrive.

Business Mobile Phone

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Stay connected with your team and clients on the go with our reliable and cost-effective mobile phone solutions. We offer a variety of plans and devices to suit your specific needs and budget.

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Our focus is on what customers want

A high quality, consistent service with help and advice throughout, at a competitive price. We work with key strategic partners that embody the same core values as us to deliver customer service unrivalled within the telecoms industry.

About FCC

Putting each company at the centre

At FCC we listen to customers. Understanding each one has a different need, we focus carefully on meeting their telecoms requirements, which is why we have such a high customer retention figure.


We form strong, trusting relationships with our customers

This allows us to develop the right telecoms solution for their business and ensure when their needs change we adapt to suit.


Our thoughts and insights on current telecommunication topics and trends with a focus on helping business customers.


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Don’t settle for mediocre service and inflated costs. Let FCC ensure your telecom services meet all of your business needs.

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